Monday, May 23, 2011

Winners!: Semi-Sweet Giveaway

The giveaway for the two finished copies of Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney has officially ended! I have chosen the winners for each copy using! Thank you to Roisin Meaney and her Publicist for the donation of the books for a giveaway! This took me sooooo long to organize! Especially considering this is my first giveaway winner announcement! Congrats to the winners!

Winner #1

# 116 on my list, Sierra!
"Virtual Claps"

Winner #2

# 156 on my list, Andra!

Congratulations, guys! I hope you enjoy your copy of Semi-Sweet!

Now... for all the not-fun, technical, but important stuff......
I'll email you guys, the 2 winners, shortly after this post is up.
You have 48 hours (2 Days) to reply to my email confirming all of your information.
I will send these out as soon as possible...but remember that I too need to be on a budget so I will probably have to use the least-priced way to send it to you.
You can expect your copy anywhere from a week to 60 days....I know....very long...bear with me. :)


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