Friday, May 6, 2011

Gone for School Camp and other Stuff...

Okay so for the next couple days May 7th through the 15th. I won't have a computer for that time either so I won't be reviewing or posting for a while. I might not have any reviews to post at that time either because at camp, we can't have books. I'm going to go insane without a book but rules are rules I guess. I;m also super sorry that I haven't been able to post reviews lately but school has been a giant pain. With state testing last week, another class book, some major projects that are due very soon, after school band practice for our Ajudicated concert, and then throw horseback riding on top of that, I have been busy beyond BELIEF. So there is the reason. Off to go work on one of my projects! (Woooooooooo...)


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