Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy Giveaways Alert (7)

Here some awesomely crazy giveaways! (Click on name of blog to go to giveaway)
Madison over at Locket Stories is giving away a bunch of great new ya reads!
Confessions of a Bookaholic is giving away a lot more this week as well:

Also I might as well announce this right now: The giveaway for Semi-Sweet that was supposed to end on May 13th is now going to end on May 19th! Here is the link to the giveaway!

Another thing I have to tell you guys: the poll about the summer giveaway will actually give you guys some extra entries on the actual summer giveaway if you take it! The poll is actually really simple with ONE question on it, you don't have to comment just click on the your answer in the form. Link to poll:

P.S. The summer giveaway will include To Kill a Mockingbird totes, a copy of TKAM, and whatever souvenirs I find in India, Malaysia, and maybe Thailand!


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