Thursday, February 23, 2012


As you can probably tell, I have been doing a poor job contributing to the blog in the past few months. I haven't quit blogging. I will get back into book blogging one day. Maybe even as soon as this summer. But not right now, and I'm sorry for not being a consistent blogger.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forbidden Tour: Character Interview: Levi

Forbidden by Megan CurdPublished: October 22nd, 2011 Series: The Guardian Chronicles #1
Levi's job is to protect his human until it's their time to go. That's what a Guard does. He's done it for years on end, and he'll spend his eternity doing the same, mundane thing, following the same, mundane rules.
...Watch from afar....Never share your name....And above all, never touch a human.
What Levi doesn't know is that his newest human to protect, Hannah, just might be the catalyst to tipping the scales between good and evil, and he will be forced to decide which side he belongs to. Which friends will he side with, and who will he ultimately protect: his human, or the delicate balance that hangs on stopping the heartbeat of the person he has sworn to protect?
And, when you're already condemned, what's there to lose by breaking the rules?
Pink or Blue? 
Definitely blue. Do I really look like a pink sort of guy? I hope not!
Chocolate or Vanilla? 
I’d take either, if I could taste them. I wish I could feel anything. One of the many perks of being a Guard is the fact we don’t feel anything – the sun, taste, touch, nothing. Only pain. But now that I’ve met Hannah, I don’t know what’s going on…I feel…something. She’s different. J
Sandals or Sneakers? 
I love a good pair of Nikes. Running is my favorite thing to do, and having a great pair of shoes is awesome.
Schoolwork or Homework? 
I only go to school to be with Hannah, but I’d go with schoolwork. I hate having to try to focus on something when I’ve got Fallens running around trying to kill my Call. Puts a little damper on the situation, and teachers never seem to believe me when I say I’m trying to save humanity as we know it. They say I’m a little dramatic. ::grins::
Lethal Virus or Nuclear Explosion? 
You’re just a ray of sunshine, aren’t you? ::smiles:: You’re making me feel right at home. Either way, I can’t feel it, but I’d vote for an option that doesn’t result in everyone turning into zombies. That just makes my job way messier. ::shudders::
Vampire or Werewolf? 
Really? You think those things exist? ::smiles::
Coke or Pepsi? 
Well, I can’t taste either, but Coke has good commercials around Christmastime, so let’s go with Coke.
Noise or Silence? 
As long as it’s not Ethan talking, I’m all for noise…but Ethan never shuts up, so when he’s around, let’s go with silence. J
Fantasy or Reality? 
Depends on the situation, but I like fantasy. Sometimes reality just sucks, and being that people think I don’t exist, I’m kind of like fantasy anyway. I get the best of both worlds, I guess. ::laughs::
Call or Text? 
I don’t do either, but I would rather hear Hannah’s voice than get a text. You can take texts too many different ways…well, girls do. We guys just get in trouble. ::shakes heads:: girls are crazy, man!
Pancake or Waffle? 
Can we do crepes? I’d love to taste a crepe!
Cat or Dog? 
Dogs. They’re way more loyal, and I need some people in my corner besides Ethan. He’s a bit much sometimes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Star-Crossed Saga: Protostar By Braxton A. Cosby

The Star-Crossed Saga: ProtostarBy Braxton A. CosbyPublisher: Firefly Publishing & Entertainment Published: September 25, 2011Genre: YA Science FictionPage Count: 378 pages
On the brink of Civil War, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his Council, King Gregorio Derry has agreed to send his only son William, on a mission to restore honor to his family. What starts out routine, becomes a lot more complicated as an inopportune crash landing delays the assassination. During this time, William begins to form a 'connection' with Sydney that challenges his inner being. But this conflict is the least of his problems, as a conspiracy back on his home planet Fabricius threatens the lives of those he loves and his father's royal legacy. Along with that, he must unravel a hidden threat here on Earth that seeks to secure a vested interest that threatens both his and Sydney's safety. Will William be able to complete his mission or will he choose love, sacrificing everything he stands for?


YA readers, be on the lookout for this exhilarating read, cause it's going to blow you and anyone else away! At first, I was a little hesitant on Protostar, because of the somewhat familiar storyline but, the book, characters, and everything else about it was uniquely different and very special. This made the book, Protostar, worth reading. 
The main character, William, is a teenage prince from the future. He is sent on a mission to kill a star-child in our time Earth, Sidney. William was a strong main character that pressed the whole story forward. Sidney also was a very likable character. 
The main plot of the book like I said before is a bit predictable, but the book also has its fair share of amazing plot twists and a killer cliff-hanger ending. The whole book proved to be very interesting with all the great elements thrown into it. I applaud Mr. Cosby for writing such a great book. Though the book is targeted towards young-adult readers, other readers would probably like it as well. Protostar is an attention catching book that really did blow me away. I'm hoping that the books in the rest of the series will be a great as this one, once they are out.


4.5/5 Stars

Braxton A. Cosby
Braxton’s fascination of science grew into an obsession for creating and exploring the untapped potential of the human spirit. On one unassuming Sunday in church, this self-proclaimed romantic heard the voice of God speak and decided to pursue a ‘calling’ to create a new genre of writing called “Sci-Fance”; merging the two genres of Romance and Science Fiction. Braxton lives in Georgia with his wife and two children. Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a vision of continuously evolving and maximizing the untapped potential of the human genome. He believes that everyone should pursue joy that surpasses understanding and live each day as if it were the last. Braxton received a lot of his inspiration from watching the accomplishments and exploits of his famous uncle, comedic legend Bill Cosby.You can visit his website at

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