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Extended Deadline for Giveaway!: Signs of Martha by Sarah Raymond

After much thought, I've decided to extend the giveaway deadline for Signs of Martha!

The giveaway will now end October 15th!

Signs of Martha by Sarah Raymond 


Sarah Raymond: Author
Martha, 16, longs to escape pressures to conform to her community and quirky family, and dreams of big-city fame as an artist. Velvet, a local signpainter for agri-business, gives Martha a chance. With an agenda of her own, Velvet urges Martha to create honest messages that will win her an acceptance into art college. To Velvet’s delight, Martha builds a collection of hand-painted, slanderous road signs that badmouth their community. But as soon as the exhibit is mounted, Velvet is gone, the neighbours are outraged, and Martha is forced to make difficult decisions about friends, family and about making art. (Via Goodreads) 

Today, visiting Bookish Delights, we have Tammy Mills a character from Signs of Martha by Sarah Raymond. I am so excited to have Tammy come over and answer a few of my questions for all of you guys! I'm going to hand this over to Tammy to introduce herself! Everyone say hi!

Well hi, I'm Tammy Mills, a friend of Martha's. Actually I'm better friends with Leanne, but she likes Martha so I'm kind of stuck with both of them. Notstuck, exactly, I don't mean it that way....

So, is it vanilla, chocolate, or another?

I loveabsolutely anything cold and frozen that winds up in my mouth. You could dishup anything--strawberry, too--out of that box of neocosmopolitan icecream and I'd say thank you very much.

Enough of the food questions, let's get on to the real deal.

Why do you think you play as role in the story?

I can't say I read the whole book because I'm not much of areader-type, but Leanne gave me the main idea of what happened. I figured outright away how come I got put into the story. It's so that someone could lookkind of dumb and innocent next to Martha and Leanne. So that Martha could seeherself as smarter. But what's smart about what she did, making all them signs?Personally, I feel that keeping your mouth shut tight and going along with themain crowd is the smart thing. So if I got put in the book to show someone whojust follows the leader and doesn't think a whole lot for herself, then I don'tcare. Because I think that's the way to go. Don't you?

What type of attitude do you have and what do you expectout of others?

Attitude?I don't have attitude and I know what you mean by attitude. That girl VelvetRudder--now she's got attitude with that holier that thee or thou or whateverattitude. But I'm fine with pretty much anybody, not that I might care to go ona cruise ship and drink Margharitas with all of them. I figure people areeither "normal" or a little cuckoo. Normal is good and the others,well, they're good for a laugh, anyway.

What do you want from life, and what is your goal in the book?

Same as everybody. In life I want a job. Nothing too hard, but one that pays the billsso I can have a beer or two with the girls on Saturday night and buy some nicethings like them fuzzy slippers shaped like rabbits, which I saw and likedright away. I want to get married in a church and have about two hundred peopleand for no fights to break out later in the evening. I'm not sure who the groom would be, but let's just say there's someone at the hockey rink I don't mindlooking at.

You are stranded, on a place with no access to much of anythingexcept for water and one type of veggie. What would you have with you and why?

That's easy. I'd choose french fries. If you don't think that counts as a vegetable, then I'd drink a lot of water until maybe Leanne showedup with something decent to eat.

Thank you, Tammy! It was great to have you over to answer some questions for the interview! I know that a lot of people will want to read the book now! That's why there is a giveaway for my copy of the book I received! Since Sarah Raymond has graciously sent the book over to me to review and feature, it would be nice to help her out and pass it on. If you do win the book, please try to review it too!

Book Trailer:

Can't wait for it? Compare your prices here and buy it!



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