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BBI: Tawni from The Book Worms!

BBI Interview #4
The awesome-tastic Tawni from The Book Worms is with us today for another incredible BBI! Thank you sooooooooooo much for visiting BD, Tawni!
Let start this!

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a blogger and your blog.
The Book WormsI’m Tawni from The Book Worms ( and I’ve been blogging for about year now. I’ve been reading and writing stories ever since I can remember and I have my wonderful family to thank for that. When I really got interested in other readers hearing and reading my thoughts about these books is when I started exploring the book blogging world. I’m so glad I did, because I love my job as a book reviewer and I love to discuss upcoming books!

What makes your blog personal to you?My blog makes me realize that others respect my opinions and thoughts about books. That feeling means a lot, especially when you can discuss and meet really great people throughout the process.
How long have you been blogging and what advice would you give to new bloggers?I’ve been blogging for about a year now, coming up in October. I really don’t think there is any solid advice to give in this situation. It is your blog, but of course you need to be respectful, especially if you’d like to make connections and have mature discussions. Its important to also respect other bloggers, authors, and publishers for the incredible work they do!

What are your favorite books and covers of 2011?Favorites of 2011: BooksAnna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Chime by Franny Billingsley
My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody
Original Sin by Lisa Descrochers
Enclave by Ann Aguirre
Favorites of 2011: Covers       LOOK AT THE PIC :)
What is the one thing you get really excited about on your blog? Ex. comments, followers, requests...Oh…I get excited about everything! Sometimes I may not be able to respond on another bloggers blog, but I hope everyone knows that I appreciate every comment posted or request sent!
You are trapped on an island, and you can only have one series of books with you for the rest of your time on the island, what series would you chose? Why?The Personal Demons series by Lisa Desrochers. All though the 3rd hasn’t come out yet, let’s just say I could have it on that forsaken island! I would take this series, because its all around AWESOME! I love every character and pretty much everything about it. Love, love, love it!
What book world would you like to be in?Can you guess what my answer is to this one? ;)
Have you enjoyed this feature so far? Do you recommend it to other bloggers?
I like it! I would definitely recommend this feature to other bloggers. It gives you the chance to put your blog out there and for those who already know your blog the chance to get to know you better!
I like it! I would definitely recommend this feature to other bloggers. It gives you the chance to put your blog out there and for those who already know your blog the chance to get to know you better!
Where does all the blogging magic happen? My kitchen table or my couch…haha! What am I do to in a small house?
What inspired your blog? My love for books and reading. There are definitely a few bloggers than inspired me to start blogging.
How do you take care of spell checking and grammar checking on your posts? Proof-read?....Etc. I will always draft my reviews up, take a step back and do something else, then come back to it and read it. I will mark any errors and fix them up. Sometimes I might have my mom or sister give me some feedback!
What do you think the perks and disadvantages are about ARCs? ARCs are amazing aren’t they? Well most importantly how amazing are the publishers that send them out? I really appreciate all of the ARCs I receive! The perks are that you can read it ahead of schedule and post a review before the book comes out. This helps to build hype for a book! The disadvantages of ARCs is that sometimes (for me anyways) you can’t get to it in the time frame I want due to school and such. I came to the conclusion that I should be positive, if I am going to request an ARC, that I can read it in the time frame I want. I try to think of it this way…If I have an ARC that I requested and it just sits there, another book blogger can be reading and reviewing it!!! So I will most likely give it away hopefully before its release date!
Where did the design idea for your blog come from?I am actually a web designer, so the design for The Book Worms is all original to me. I wanted a really clean look. I don’t have any illustrations to show it’s a book blog, but I would hope the big bold ‘The Book Worms’ title works…? I really love my design and hope readers find it just as awesome!
What is the most important part of a book? Cover?The most important part of a book is its leading character. I really think it’s important for readers to make a connection to those characters. Otherwise we wouldn’t be interested. The most important part of a book cover is its intensity and lure…like in fishing! They have to lure the fish in somehow! ;)
What is on your wish list?I am definitely looking forward to a few books…Crossed by Ally CondieArcadia Awakens by Kai MeyerStill Waters by Emma Carlson BerneIlluminated by Erica OrloffLegacy by Molly CochranDark Passage by M.J. PutneyAwake at Dawn by C.C. HunterAnd many, many more!
What one book do you really just want to read this second?I just finished Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake and I sort of want to start it all over again. One of my favorites, ever!
What are you currently reading? I am currently reading Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
Coke or Pepsi?Coke – no doubt.
What do you normally do other than blogging?I work…a lot! I am a freelance web designer. I am trying to get into book cover designs as well. So if anyone is interested in my services, please visit me! ( blogging and work I also attend school. I finishing up some general education credits and will be transferring to _____ soon. (In other words, I’m just not sure yet!)

What flavor of ice cream do you just adore?I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pistachio ice cream. I know its sounds weird, but it is so delicious. I think my favorite is the Pistachio Almond from Baskin Robbins. Hmm…now I think I want some!
If it was inevitable that something staining, not water, would fall on one of your books, and you had control over it, what would it be?This would make me cry! But I would have to say something pale, like tea…?
Can you show us your bookshelf?I have absolutely no more room and am now stacking them elsewhere. I need to get another shelf!

Where does a blogger like you like to go on vacation? Somewhere they can read and relax. But I do however enjoy going to Las Vegas! ;)
How much time do you usually spend on your blog? How much time do you wish you had?I currently spend about an hour (maybe two) a day doing blog related things. I wish I had a bit more time…either that or I need to be more organized!!
Thanks for having me, I really enjoyed answering these questions!

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