Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Treat!!!

You guys are in for the cutest treat ever!!!!!!!

If you guys have read my interview with Josephine Angelini, you would know about one specific question that deals with special writing spots and cats!

Link to Interview: Josie Angelini Interview

Well, I asked Josie if she could send me a picture of one of her cats....and she sent me this adorable picture of her cat, but get this....she was on a copy of one of her drafts, I'm guessing it's a draft, of Dreamless!!! (Book Two of the Starcrossed Triology) Josie said that her cat loved Dreamless so much that she wouldn't get her butt of it!!! The irony is that this kittie's name is Rabbit!!! Get it! Easter!!! Okay, I going to ignore any silence...awkward...

Here is the super adorable picture of her really cute cat!!!!!

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