Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi y'all, I'm Hope

Hey y’all, I’m Hope. I was born in Kentucky but raised in Alabama. I’ve also lived in Atlanta, GA (3 times), Charlotte, NC (1 year), Nashville, TN (3 times), Louisville, KY (3 times) & Los Angeles, CA (very briefly)…all of that but one of the Kentucky stays were all after college.

I have 2 dogs or fur kids as I like to refer to them since I don’t have any children yet. There is Camber (Chihuahua/Jack Russell) and Wrecks (Dorkie aka Daschund/Yorkie) and I’m part time mommy to my  best friend's of 20+ years fur kid, Crash (Pug). To say our house is pretty lively most days is an understatement.

I love watching NASCAR, NFL & College Football, a little baseball and am learning to love hockey and soccer. I also love reading, mostly crime dramas or romantic type things. I am on the Vampire kick with most of America but I also love my Christian fiction, Mystery/Thrillers, Romance, Biographies & YA genres as well. I’m really a wide open reader. The love for TV is evident in the 3 Tivos and 1 DVR in the house. Up until last year I traveled more than I was at home so they come in handy. I’m also a big fan of going to see movies in the theater. Then there is music… my true love! I don’t know what I would do without music in my life. So just about all areas of entertainment interest me.

Mostly I enjoy experiencing as much of life, loved ones and laughter as possible. That includes traveling or spending quiet nights at home. Larger dinner parties or small low key get togethers. Making every way possible!
My Favorites:
Book: The Bible (always) but also since I was way young it has been The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Movie: A Time to Kill or Sweet Home Alabama
TV Show: All Time Favorite is Party of Five. Favorite of the moment is Justified
Album/CD: Floyd's Funk Revival - Creamy. Favorite of the moment is Chrystina Lloree Fincher's Brighter.


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  1. Welcome to the team Hope! Wow, that's a lot of places you've lived. I also love dogs too! Thanks for sharing!


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