Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tens List: Na'ima B. Robert, Author of Boy vs. Girl

Farhana and her brother Faraz may be twins but they are on different paths. Their grandparents came to Bradford 40 years ago but their family remains devoutly Muslim. While Farhana risks being ostracised by her classmates for taking Ramzan seriously and adopting the hijab, Faraz is getting involved in a local gang led by 'Da General' Imran. This powerful second novel by the author of From Somalia With Love explores the idea of honour (Izzat in Arabic and Urdu) and what it means to different generations. A powerful idea that has been used to justify dreadful abuses such as forced marriages and 'honour' killings, new generations of ex-patriate Pakistanis have to re-evaluate its importance as they seek to straddle traditional and modern ways of life. (Via Goodreads)
Today we have author, Na'ima B. Robert's Tens List for her new book, Boy vs Girl. Please welcome her!

Top ten list about anything, be it related to you, the book, the characters, etc. Anything is game.

Thanks for the opportunity to further interrogate the characters in Boy vs.
Girl! I decided to write my post about 10 of Auntie Najma’s favourite
things. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that Auntie Najma is the
twins’ hip yet veiled auntie who has a degree and wants to marry a white
Muslim (totally taboo in their family!) So it is fair to say that her
likes will be fairly eclectic. Here is my list:

1. Her leather bound Morroccan Qur’an
2. Peanut butter and banana milkshake
3. Her red Prada bag
4. John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath
5. The vegetable garden at her mother’s house where she grows organic chillies and tomatoes
6. Hot, buttered naan bread as a midnight snack
7. Question Time (a British political discussion show)
8. Lazy Sunday mornings reading in the garden
9. Niqabs (veils) from Saudi Arabia
10. Experimenting in the kitchen

Thank you Na'ima! Feel free to visit BD again!

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