Friday, September 2, 2011

New Feature...BBI...Form

Hi guys! So, I've had this idea stuck in my head for about awhile now...

I've come up with a new feature called BOOK BLOGGERS INTERVIEWS (BBI for short). The title kinda explains it all.

I'm thinking about interviewing Elise first, since she started Bookish Delights and what not, but after that I need bloggers from other sites to interview. So, I thought, why not put up a form for the blog readers see if anyone wants to sign up? Yep, so, if any of you have a book blog, and want to get interviewed, please fill this form out! Just saying, it'll be good for both sides since the interviewer and the interviewee will get more followers...etc. If you guys have any questions, there will be a box in the form for that as well or you can just put it in the comments.


P.S. Yes, I made the button all by myself, I also made the YA DEBUT button too.....yeah...
Do you guys like the button???? or buttons????

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