Friday, March 18, 2011

In Need Of Book Reviewers of Young Adult ARCs/Books

If you are a US Resident who would like to review books on the book review blog Bookish Delights, please contact me at bookishdelightsblog at gmail dot com. I am looking for about five - seven people to become official co-authors of Bookish Delights to help review books. You must be able to commit to at least ONE year of book reviewing, but the amount of book reviews you do in that one year is up to you. This blog will focus more on YA books, so you would be able to review any book within that genre. However if you wish to review an adult book or middle grade book from time to time, that is fine too. I will only be able to provide the first YA ARC to you for review for free (since I will pay for the shipping costs). After that you have an option of borrowing any ARC I own. However, the majority of the books you review will most likely be books you have direct access to at home. So you have the freedom to review any book you would like to read. Also you will have an opportunity to review ARCs/Books in print or ebook format that authors offer for review on Bookish Delights (which will be sent directly to you). I hope to create a YA ARC borrowing community among my book reviewers and/or YA ARC tours to share our love for books. And you will also be able to participate in other ARC tours from other sites and review the books on Bookish Delights. This is a great experience for readers to express themselves online. And once you have established yourself as a solid book reviewer over time at Bookish Delights, it will open the door for you to request your own ARCs/books from authors and publishers for review. No previous book review experience is required, but reviews (whether positive or negative) must remain respectful to the author. It is all about having fun and enjoying books and sharing your honest thoughts about them. There will also be book giveaways for my book reviewers from time to time as a way to show my appreciation for your hard work reviewing books. Thanks!

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