Friday, May 7, 2010

Unique Group Card For Mother's Day Or Other Special Occasion

I found a cool website just in time for Mother's Day that I wanted to share with you all. If you've already bought your Mother's Day card and gift for your mother already, then that's great. But still feel free to check out this site for another holiday. For those of you who are still looking for a unique card, you can check out this site.

It is called
GroupCard. Here is the basic overview that I got directly from the site:

WHAT IS GROUPCARD? GroupCard is a unique online service that helps you create a card and circulate it to other people to sign (around the office, classmates, friends, family). Everyone adds a special message to the card and it gets e-delivered to the recipient. You can even add a gift card that the entire group can add money to. (so much cooler than just another eCard website).

So basically it is an e-card service that allows multiple people to sign the same card for the special someone you are sending it to. This really comes in handy especially if you live apart from family members or friends and all want the opportunity to sign one card as a group. You can pick from many card designs or customize your own. You will find cards for different holidays, special occasions, etc. After you type your message on the chosen e-card, it shows up as if you had hand written it(based on the font you chose). And you sign your name at the bottom of your message like you would any normal card. You can then invite others to write their own personal messages and sign their name as well on the SAME card by just adding their emails to the form provided. They will get an email saying they are invited to sign the e-card. You can invite an UNLIMITED amount of people, really! So the card can be many many pages long depending on how many people are invited to sign the card. Each person has the option of selecting a different font and has the option to add a picture. This will make each message more distinct and personal. AND you get to move around your message to any place on the card, so if you want it on the first page or someplace else, you can do that. So the options are limitless! I will definitely try it sometime. All of my sisters live in different places, so this is a great way to have us all sign one card for my mother for Mother's Day. You have the option of adding a gift card to the card also and every person that was invited to sign the e-card has the option to contribute some money to it.

But remember, like I mentioned earlier, this e-card service is not only for Mother's Day but for ANY special occasion or holiday. This is perfect for birthdays where family and/or friends can all be invited to sign one card who are all miles apart or if there are just too many people to hand sign one card. For example at your work. Now it's possible for the whole 500+ person company you work at to sign one card for your boss on Boss Day. GroupCard makes it very simple. No hassles. If it sounds like something you would be interested in then try it sometime.

You can sign up for a FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL, where you won't be required to pay if you cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. This is for sending e-cards.

For some extra cash you can do the following aside from the e-card:
*For just $4.99 you will have the option of downloading the card and printing it for the recipient. And each person who signed it will have access to print as well.
*For $14.99 you can have GroupCards mail out your personalized card in the form of a Poster Card to the recipient.
*For $19.99 you can have GroupCards mail out your personalized card in the form of a Wall Poster to the recipient.
*For $24.99 you can have GroupCards mail out your personalized card in the form of a Flip Book to the recipient.

For more in depth information check out the main page at
GroupCard when you get a chance. To see an example of a card then click HERE. On the right hand side of the page just click the button the says "PAGE" to scroll through the sample card. And on the top of that page it says "CLICK HERE TO SIGN THIS CARD." Click it and add your own personal message to test it out.

And for all the Mothers out there, I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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